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Waste Bin Tracking Management - Taking Care of Your Asset Management Needs

Aug. 9, 2019

Main assets for bin rental business in waste management are waste bins and trucks. With inaccurate bin inventory, untimely truck status and lack of site info, it`s hard to gain the revenue increased and get the client satisfied.

Utilizing the power of RFID technology, with the accurate GPS locating, Telitek launches a waste bin tracking and management application system. With this system, it allows to track and monitor your assets in most efficient way, locate and manage assets easier and make you succeed in today’s competitive waste hauling marketplace.

The system extends and deepens your sight on operation with more detail and real time data in intuitive way. It shows bin’s precise location with customer information, date/time of service, truck’s trips and activities, etc. All these boost efficiency and productivity, improve dispatching, enhance security and reduce waste management operation cost.

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