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Top Three SyncroReports™ Features

Jul. 17, 2019

There’s a lot to know about our SyncroReports™ technology. In fact, we regularly hold webinars for walking new clients through the abundance of features and benefits.

If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, SyncroReports™ is our state-of-the-art portal that allows our clients to be completely in-touch with the activities occurring on their sites – in real time.

SyncroReports™ is fully integrated with our entire line of units. As there are so many great components to the platform, we’ve asked our clients which feature they find the most useful so we could share the top three with you!

It was no surprise to see SyncroPlates™ ranking as the most preferred feature in SyncroReports™! The largest civilian license plate database in Canada, SyncroPlates™ helps site managers keep tabs on vehicles entering and exiting the premises at all times of the day.

We developed custom software that secures high resolution images of license plates captured by the licence plate readers. The images are instantly sent to our database, where they register in SyncroPlates™. Users can easily search the database by filtering the date, time, or plate number – even if it’s just a few of the plate numbers! SyncroPlates™ is versatile. It can be used to supervise several different aspects of a site’s operations. It’s particularly popular among construction managers for tracking when deliveries arrive on site, and when contractors come and go.

Log Reports
Every occurrence that happens on your site is formally recorded by our live monitoring operators and stored in SyncroReports™. Logs can be searched by filtering the date, time, type of occurrence (ie. illegal dumping), or action taken by our staff (ie. called police). Snapshots are provided with each log report, along with a description of the activity.

Alerts Management
There’s nothing worse than being notified for occurrences that you aren’t concerned about. It’s important to us that our notifications are relevant and significant to the person who’s receiving them. In SyncroReports™, we allow our clients to manage the specific occurrences that they wish to receive alerts for. For example, if ‘loitering’ isn’t an activity that a client wants to be notified about, they can remove it from their selection.

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