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The PTZ Advantage

Aug. 15, 2019

When choosing a surveillance provider, it’s important to consider the technology each company employs as it heavily impacts the quality of service they can provide.

At Caliber Communications, we’ve chosen to equip each of our surveillance units with at least one Pan Tilt Zoom Camera, as they allow us to effectively drill in, and capture specific data for court quality evidence. Several features make them an undeniable asset and a crucial tool to deliver our 98% deterrence rate and industry-leading monitoring services.

High-Definition Video Quality
The most important feature of any surveillance camera is it’s footage quality. After all, low-quality surveillance footage has very little worth. Our 5 megapixel PTZ cameras provide us with high-definition video, allowing us to accurately identify anything from fine details of a suspect’s clothing, to an individual’s facial features.

Zoom Capabilities
When our live monitoring operators detect suspicious activity at a great distance, the PTZ cameras allow us to effortlessly zoom in to better scope the situation and capture the occurrence without the loss of video quality. The zoom feature is also particularly helpful in perceiving specific details of vehicles, such as license plate numbers and small imperfections that could help differentiate a vehicle from others.

Large Area Coverage
The beauty of PTZ Cameras is their unique rotationary abilities. The camera can rotate 360°, and tilt vertically 90°, allowing our Live Monitoring Operators to follow a subject as they travel throughout a site.

PTZ cameras are commonly known as speed domes – and the reason is evident. The speed at which our Live Monitoring Operators can zoom and rotate is immensely fast and precise.

Infrared Capabilities
When foliage and other visual obstructions are present, our PTZ Cameras’ infrared technology provides our Live Monitoring Operators with a clear visual representation to easily pinpoint trespassers and any objects emitting heat, such as overheating equipment and animals.

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