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View All is Canada’s First National Resource for Knowledge and Action on Plastic Waste

May 6, 2019

Canada understands the consequences of plastic waste and is fully engaged like never before: governments at all levels are initiating new policies; organizations are improving business models; and individuals are eager to learn more.

To fully engage on this pressing environmental issue Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO), with funding from Walmart Canada, has launched the Plastic Action Centre, the first national resource that offers a full view of plastic waste in every corner of the country.
The Plastic Action Centre is Canada’s only single platform to learn about plastics, make connections, and exchange information to take action. It offers resources and tools, facts and figures, market developments, business efforts, regulatory advances and policy initiatives, as well as ongoing domestic and international media coverage.
“Knowledge and education drive action, and plastics and plastic waste can be confusing with so many competing resources and sources of information,” says Jo-Anne St. Godard, Executive Director, Recycling Council of Ontario. “The Plastic Action Centre is designed to be the first-ever repository to help Canadians become better and more versed as it relates to plastic waste.”
Plastic Action Centre Features:
Find What You Need: All information is organized by issue: plastic chemistry types, microplastics, technology and innovation, production, recycling, the circular economy, and more.
Find Where You Need: Plastic waste affects all corners of Canada, and waste and recycling regulations and activities are primarily provincial or local. The Plastic Action Centre offers visitors the option to search topics and developments province by province.
Ask an Expert: Canada is privileged with many quality experts and a growing body of research focusing on plastics and plastic waste. RCO has convened an advisory panel of experts from across the country to share their knowledge and answer any questions submitted to the Plastic Action Centre.
Who’s Taking Action: The spectrum of action is growing: from concerned Canadians to government and business leaders. The Plastic Action Centre offers a single repository to track and celebrate all efforts to reduce plastic waste.
Community Engagement: The Plastic Action Centre is designed for Canadians to become more informed on plastic waste. That doesn’t mean we know or have all the answers. Visitors are encouraged to submit resources and activities that can be included in the Plastic Action Centre.
Continuous Improvement: The launch is only the beginning. The Plastic Action Centre will improve, expand, and evolve as we continue to incorporate public input, initiatives, and actions as Canada continues to take a leadership role on plastic waste.

“Walmart Canada is committed to reducing our own plastic use, recycling more and supporting improvements to the system,” says Lee Tappenden, president and CEO, Walmart Canada. “We are pleased to support The Plastic Action Centre to provide an important resource for Canadians to learn more about this critical issue and find ways to make a difference.”
To take action on plastic waste visit
About Recycling Council of Ontario

Recycling Council of Ontario is an independent multi-stakeholder environmental charity with extensive experience in policy development, research, and market programs. Since 1978 our commitment to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle has driven our actions and is the bedrock of our efforts to facilitate the efficient use of resources to reduce waste and reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions. We are also fully engaged in advancing the circular economy that aims to maximize value and eliminate waste by improving the design and use of materials, products, and business models.
For more visit
About Walmart Canada
Walmart Canada operates a growing chain of more than 400 stores nationwide serving more than 1.2 million customers each day. Walmart Canada's flagship online store, is visited by more than 750,000 customers daily. With more than 85,000 associates, Walmart Canada is one of Canada's largest employers and is ranked one of the country's top 10 most influential brands. Walmart Canada's extensive philanthropy program is focused on supporting Canadian families in need, and since 1994 Walmart Canada has raised and donated more than $350 million to Canadian charities. Additional information can be found at and at
About Waste Reduction at Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada has made sustainability in its operations a key company priority. The company is has committed to achieving zero food waste across its operations by 2025 and already diverts 87 per cent of its waste from landfill. Earlier this year, the retailer announced a milestone commitment to plastic waste reduction, with a goal of reducing check-out plastic bags by a further 50 per cent, taking approximately one billion plastic bags out of circulation over that period. Walmart Canada also launched a major emissions reduction initiative called Project Gigaton – an international sustainability platform that seeks to avoid one billion metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from the global value chain by 2030.


Felicia Fefer
Corporate Affairs, Walmart Canada
Jo-Anne St.Godard
Executive Director, Recycling Council of Ontario


Plastic Facts and Stats

Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times.
Roughly 4.9 billion tons of plastic waste produced since the 1950s hasn’t been recycled or burned; plastic production is expected to double over the next two decades.
275 million metric tonnes of plastic waste was generated in 192 coastal countries in 2010, with 4.8 to 12.7 million metric tonnes entering the ocean.
An estimated 480 billion plastic water bottles are purchased around the world each year. Fewer than one-tenth of them are recycled.
Globally one trillion plastic bags are used every year. In a landfill, or in the environment, plastic bags take up to 1,000 years to degrade.
Nearly two million single-use plastic bags are distributed worldwide every minute
One billion single-use plastic bags are handed out in Canada every year.
Canada recycles just 9 per cent of its plastics with the rest dumped in landfill and incinerators or tossed away as litter.
In 2016 more than 3.2 million metric tonnes of plastic ended up as garbage.
In 2010 about 8,000 tonnes of plastic waste entered oceans from land in Canada. Without any action this could almost double by 2025.
Single-use plastics are more than a third of all plastic waste and are among the top twelve most collected items during Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanups.
There are approximately 80 dedicated plastic recycling facilities in Canada, most located in Ontario and Quebec.

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