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Molok North America Ltd. Celebrates 20th Years

Jun. 3, 2019

Molok is pleased to announce that May 5th, 2019 marks the company’s 20th anniversary.

Since 1999 Molok North America Ltd. has brought users the benefits of cost effective waste and recycling containment and collection, with the environmentally efficient crane-lifted semi-underground system. The Molok® system proves to be an effective solution for hundreds of thousands of users across Canada.

The FUTURE of waste collection, TODAY.

Advancement in technology is changing our world. With the evolution of how we function everyday with technology, it makes sense to think about how we dispose of our waste. The Molok® Deep Collection™ system is a game changing innovation in the world of waste and recycling, keeping waste areas clean, attractive and odour free. Molok® was invented by entrepreneur Veikko Salli in Finland in 1991.

Trailblazing the Canadian market since 1999, founder Marja Hillis, Mr. Salli’s daughter, committed to sharing this innovation in North American. Initially introduced into Canada’s parks and open spaces, the advantages of the Molok® system soon became evident to the residential and commercial waste and recycling markets. In 2003, to broaden exposure of the Molok® system, Marja’s husband Mark, who joined the company in 2002, began a Molok® dedicated collection service, initially catalyzing growth in Ontario’s Waterloo Region, but quickly spreading to nearby regions. Today, with Molok® containers in Canada from coast to coast, we are bringing the advantages of the Molok® system southward to the United States and Mexico.

Molok has earned many honours over its 20 years, being named to the Profit 500 list of fastest growing Canadian companies for 4 consecutive years. Also recognized as The Most Innovative Waste Company (New Economy 2017) and awarded the Clean Tech Award for Best Recycling and Waste Management Solutions (New Economy 2016). Founder Marja Hillis has been named Female CEO of the Year – Waste Management (Acquisition International 2018) Most Innovative CEO – Waste Management Industry (Business Worldwide 2016), has been recognized as a member of the W100 list of Canada’s top female entrepreneurs, and as the Finish/Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year by the Finish Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

“Working out of our Mount Forest, Ontario manufacturing and office facility we are easily positioned for growth. Manufacturing through our highly skilled and committed work force has allowed for cutting edge R&D, creating solutions for our developing customer base,” says Molok CEO Mark Hillis. “Unprecedented growth while maintaining a high quality standard over the past 20 years has earned us many accolades. I am humbled by it.”

From its beginnings in the late 1990’s, Molok North America Ltd. is now uniquely positioned to face the exciting challenges of the future with its vision of “Changing the World, One Molok at a Time.”

About the Molok® Deep Collection™ system

Molok® containers have a vertical semi-underground design allowing the waste to self-compact increasing container capacity. Lower temperatures underground prevent odours and pests. Molok’s unique crane-lifted emptying method offers key benefits not available with conventional containers. Developed with the end user in mind, the Molok® Deep Collection™ system provides a collection point that is  safe, efficient and easy to use for everyone.

For more information visit, email or call 1 519-323-9909.

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