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In-cab cameras keep all road users safe

Jun. 30, 2019

Our expertise is notable when it comes to the safety of commercial vehicles, with our comprehensive catalog of high-quality camera systems covering every possible exterior view.

However, in-cab cameras also have an important role to play in keeping both drivers and other road users safe during working hours. Despite this, they are a much more controversial piece of technology and can cause anxiety among drivers.

They have been described as frighteningly intrusive, a serious invasion of personal privacy, and another way for fleet managers to micromanage their drivers, some of whom feel these cameras give the impression their employers don’t trust their driving.

However, excessive acceleration or braking contributes to wear and tear of the vehicle and an increase in fuel costs. When a vehicle with your company logo emblazoned on the side is seen to be driving inconsiderately, it’s a reflection on your public image.

Bad driving poses a risk to drivers themselves as well as other road users. We’ve found when sufficient time is taken to ensure drivers are given a comprehensive and sensitive explanation of the reasons for installing Mobile Digital Recording (MDR) equipment, they understand the benefits and the support it gives them in their driving careers. These include the possibility of enhanced training, and protection in the event of an incident. It’s also important to note when the vehicle ignition is switched off, recording stops. Drivers are therefore able to take their rest periods in privacy.

Despite the change in law making use of mobile phones while driving illegal, sadly it’s all too common to spot both private and commercial drivers using a mobile at the wheel. MDR equipment encourages safe and responsible driving by removing this temptation. It also deters unauthorized detours and stop-offs.

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