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Having a Safety 360 Mindset in the Workplace

Jun. 17, 2019

The month of June, which is National Safety Month, reminds us all that making safety a priority and keeping safe practices top of mind is instrumental to minimizing incidents year-round!

One of the best practices in your daily life is to work toward having a safety 360 mindset. What does that mean? It means thinking about safety practices from all angles and all sides and making safety for yourself and those around you a constant priority. Workplace injuries are preventable if everyone consciously watches for potential hazards, and either corrects or reports them to the appropriate parties immediately.

Below are 7 common workplace hazards that every employee should be aware of.

  1. Working at Height
  2. Poor Housekeeping
  3. Electrical – Extension Cords
  4. Forklifts
  5. Lockout/Tagout
  6. Chemicals
  7. Confined Spaces

Here are some general guidelines to apply the safety 360 mindset in your workplace.

  • Communicate all relevant regulations and guidelines as clearly and simply as possible for people to understand and follow.
  • Follow all safety regulations and guidelines including using equipment correctly and for its intended purpose.
  • Leave the routine stresses of life at the door and don’t allow them to affect your ability to focus. This could also apply if you are feeling ill or overly tired. Tell your supervisor. Do not take risks with your own safety or the safety of others.
  • Make sure a well-stocked first aid kit is readily accessible and includes items specific to your workplace Have a detailed action plan to address situations when something goes wrong. This includes knowing your emergency numbers and the location of nearby medical facilities.

You are responsible for you, so take charge of your own safety. Speak up if something doesn’t seem right, if instructions aren’t clear, or if you know of a better, safer way of doing something.

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