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‘Gold Boxes’ awarded to best recyclers in Wellington County

Jul. 6, 2019

The best 25 recyclers of Wellington County now have a golden prize to show for their green thumbs.

The number of gold boxes handed out is down by 15 from last year, as the process to get a coveted is more encompassing than just signing up.

The six different pieces of criteria range from putting only acceptable materials into the bins, to cleaning out every single glass jar.

“We have five children and I want to make sure their future is bright,” said gold box winner Barry Fraser. “I now the landfill space is not big and plastics cause a lot of issues.”

County officials say it’s getting harder to find markets for their recyclables.

“It’s more important than ever that people recycle right,” said Das Soligo, Manager of Solid Waste Services for Wellington County. “Our residents are truly amazing and care about doing recycling right.”

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