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Considering custom conveyor components

Jun. 12, 2019

A custom conveyor quote can seem a bit intimidating with so many moving parts (literally). Both the buyer and seller will need to conduct thorough questioning to ensure an understanding of the needs and the best solution for your application.

Some of the questions our Luff team will ask you will range from product descriptions to facility specifications. Each question will need a specific answer. As the conveyor component manufacturer, we need a fully comprehensive understanding of the scope of your requirements in order to provide the ideal equipment and quote for your application. Note that your custom system will come with a custom quote.

Below Are A Few Questions To Consider Before We Begin Quoting:

What is the purpose and load of your conveyor?

  • Can you describe the product your belt will be transporting? Please include size and weight
  • Are there products of various sizes or are they all the same size? Please clearly describe all of the products that will be transporting on the belt.

Conveyor configuration and measurements:

  • Conveyor configurations range from a simple horizontal to a vertical z style. What configuration do you think will best suit your job and load?
  • Keep in mind how much space will be allocated for the conveyor and feeding process.

Consider the rate you require for your conveyor system:

  • What is the weight/volume of your product or products?
  • How much output do you require (consider time, day, week, month etc.)
  • How fast can/will the product travel on the conveyor?

Your process:

  • It will be valuable to understand what is happening upstream and downstream from your ideal conveyor system.
  • First, start off by identifying how and what type of equipment will be used to feed the conveyor?
    • What will be feeding the conveyor upstream?
    • What will the conveyor be feeding downstream?
    • Do you need this feeding equipment included in your quote?

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