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Canada open to putting more limits on exports of plastic waste, McKenna says

Aug. 13, 2019

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says she has asked her department to look at what else Canada can do to reduce the amount of Canadian garbage that is ending up overseas.

As recently as Aug. 1, McKenna’s officials said Canada would not ban the export of recyclable plastics because it could affect the economies of countries that have recycling industries.

They cited similar policies in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Last week Australia began moving to ban plastic waste exports entirely and now Canada appears to be opening the door to doing more to halt exports.

McKenna says she is pushing her department to look at ways Canada can do more to stop Canadian plastics from ending up on foreign shores.

She says her government has already shown leadership at home, moving to ban many single-use plastics and force plastics producers to take more responsibility for their products.

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