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Waste & Recycling Expo Canada has brought the brightest and best industry experts together to present an education program during the show. 


*Subject to Change

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Day 1 – Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Circular Economy Education Stage

Speaker: Barry Friesen 
Company: Cleanfarms

Description: Learn about the programs that Cleanfarms operates to capture and recycle or safely dispose of agricultural plastic waste and the benefits of doing so in terms of jobs, environment and the economy.

Speaker: Maria Kelleher
Company: Kelleher Environmental

Description: Take a deep dive into the world of EV batteries including chemistries and designs, options for reuse in energy storage, recycling approaches, and policies considerations to address end-of-life issues. 

Speaker: Tanya Bellefontaine
Company: Northern Business Intelligence

Description: Join us for an informative presentation on how different organizations are using fleet telematics technology and software integrations to manage waste collection operations.

Speaker: Tim Barry
Company: AMP Robotics

Description: Explore how AI-driven identification and sortation is enabling precise material separation economic improvements via retrofits within today’s waste management infrastructure.

Future Forward Stage

Speaker: Nigel Deacon, Gerald Grant 
Company: metroSTOR + Innovate Waste Solutions Corp 

Description: Dive into the 5C methodology for effective waste diversion in challenging environments and explore with concrete examples from multi-res and downtown neighbourhoods. 

Speakers: Brittany McLeod, James Davidson, Jeremy Perrin, 
Company: Davidson Environmental

Description: Take a real-world look at one of the most pressing issues in organics recycling:  how to deal with excessive packaging on food waste.    

Speaker: Matt Risko
Company: Machinex

Description: Explore the transformation and advancements in the design of MRFs, gain insights into how and why MRFs have evolved over the years, and get a glimpse of the future direction of MRF design.

Speaker: Tom Szaky 
Company: TerraCycle

Description: Discover novel ways to enable more consumers and businesses to collect hard to recycle items, and unpack some of the current trends and challenges we may see over the coming years. 

Day 2 – Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Circular Economy Education Stage

Speaker: Anthony Butera
Company: City of Toronto

Description: Dive into the City of Toronto’s award-winning safety training programs that have helped reduced workplace incidents and have better prepared Solid Waste Collection Operators in urban environments. 

Speaker: Renaud Buclon, Nicolas Thiry    
Company: Veolia

Description: Explore best practices and applied lessons in both organic waste operations and material recovery from the Edmonton High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Facility and the Edmonton Material Recovery Facility.  

Speaker: Mike Mackay
Company: Despray Environmental

Description: Learn about the latest aerosol recycling technology that enables 100% recovery of the aerosol liquid, gas, and metal contents in a way that is not only safe and sustainable, but profitable.

Speaker: Josh Gill
Company: CPM Pelleting Plastic and Recycling 

Description: Explore the process, best practices, and pitfalls of waste pelleting, starting immediately after the sorting process, through the shredding, drying, prep, pelleting, and cooling process.

Future Forward Stage

Speaker:  Aidan Mills
Company: Northstar Clean Technologies

Description: Join us as we explore clean recovery and sustainable reprocessing solutions for how to deal with the 14.85 million tons of roofing material sent to landfills annually.

Speakers:  Tom Hashemi, Cory Silver
Company: Target Recycling

Description: Join us for this extremely timely session as we breakdown the federal single-use plastics ban, along with various best practice considerations for recycling plastics. 

Speakers: Katie Motta, Peter Uppal, Anthony Butera, Kyla Greenham
Company: Telus

Description: Join a panel of experts as they unpack some of the latest technology and data being used by cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Windsor and Guelf to improve solid waste collection operations. 


Did you attend the show in 2022 and missed some of the sessions? Click here to watch all of yout 2022 sessions. Not sure what the password is? Contact us today.

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